Our Clients

Our clients come from a diverse range of businesses and occupations. Collectively, they face a lot of different challenges and have varied interests and objectives. We really couldn’t say any two of our clients are the same.

And yet, many of our clients have similar traits though, and over the years, having been blessed with a group of fantastic clients – we’ve thought carefully about the people we deal with and why our relationships with them work so well.

To summarise:

  • Our clients are great people – the sort of people we’d like to know even if they weren’t our clients. It becomes a logical consequence that we want to help them
  • Our clients are successful, but remain interested in improving their positions, and challenge us to assist. We like to be challenged, and we love success for our clients!
  • Our clients don’t want their work done by the faceless work experience kid in the back office of a compliance factory. We provide experienced advisors who not only do the work right, but can see where opportunities arise and can advise on how to seize those opportunities.
  • Our clients worry about profit first, and tax much later – which suits us perfectly. We don’t want to waste time with a business that doesn’t look at the big picture.
  • Our clients understand the need for tax, but don’t want to pay one dollar more than they have to. Perfect – we feel exactly the same way!
  • Our clients expect proactive service – and we provide it
  • Our clients appreciate and utilize our services. Which just makes us want to keep getting the best result possible for them.
  • Our clients understand we are a business. We face the same pressures they do, and because they are great people, they are considerate of us. We appreciate that consideration and are considerate in turn.

It just makes it a pleasure for us to come to work – and we look to reciprocate and make
dealing with us a pleasure for our clients.

Of course, there are plenty of people out there needing our services who are not great people, not great businesses, and certainly not considerate. Too many people who want to pay no tax, no accounting fees, and expect us to bow and scrape to their every barked command. We go out of our way to ensure these people receive accounting services – by referring them to our competitors. And rather than wasting time with clowns, we are able to focus our energies on dealing with the people we really like.