About Us

When Noel Mahar decided to strike out on his own in Ballarat, over 30 years ago, he began accumulating and servicing clients with a simple premise in mind:

Provide sound business and taxation advice to people who need it. Provide that advice for a fair fee. Make meeting the client’s needs the overriding priority.


Absolutely! And yet, there was a gap in the market where many accountants just did not work that way. They overcomplicated. They under delivered. And they overcharged!! And so Noel’s business flourished.
A hell of a lot of things have changed in business over the last 30 years, for better and for worse. And yet even today, that same gap in the market exists. Many accountants continue to overcomplicate, under deliver, and overcharge.

And so, the simple premise on which the business was founded is carried on to this day by the team at Noel Mahar Accounting. And clients still come to us seeking sound advice, fair fees, and an advisor who they know will be in their corner. Many of those clients, who first came to Noel some 30 years ago, continue to rely on Noel Mahar Accounting to this day, because they recognise that what we do here is unique.